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Same Day Garage Door Service

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Garage Door Related Tips

Would you like to learn how to take better care of these complex systems and their various parts? Then our experts have some informative pieces of advice you'll probably want to check out.

Photo eye sensor general maintenance

In case your photo eye fails its monthly test, you can try to deal with a few common causes before calling our experts. While the garage door is closed, take a soft cloth and clean the photo eye gently with it. If the problem is something to do with the alignment, you can try adjusting the position of the photo eye so that it faces its counterpart.

Mark your garage door's path

One easy trick that you can do to avoid accidents with a swinging garage door is to mark its path on the ground. This can be done using chalk for temporary markings, tape for semi-temporary, and paint for permanent markings. It’s a helpful way of estimating where you or your vehicle should be while opening the door.

Change the factory settings immediately after installing a new opener

You may be surprised to learn that burglars are well familiar with the factory settings of models from most brands and will often use them as a way of breaking into houses. Our specialists in Garage Door Repair San Marcos explain that changing the settings is the foremost security measure you can take.

Make sure to keep your garage doors properly maintained

Whether it is often used or not, a garage door can malfunction. The odds of that rise the longer the door has been neglected from maintennace. It can get stuck or it might open or close the wrong way, which can result in an accident. To avoid this, make sure that the mechanism is at annually lubricated. You can also consult our company's experts to help you with further maintenance.

Never leave garage doors open

Do not leave your garage door partially open. For once, it can compromise the security of your home. But also, if the door is left open and then gets activated intentionally or accidentally, it may drop down instead of opening. Contact Garage Door Repair San Marcos immediately if this happens, or if your door seems to be stuck halfway. Be sure to keep any object or person out of the door's potential path to avoid accidents.


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