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We've rounded up a few frequently asked questions here to save you some time. If your question isn't represented, or you'd like to get more information, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I get galvanized steel garage doors?

Steel garage doors are very strong and can be appropriate for most locations and climates, but the material will eventually corrode and you will need to have the panels replaced. A galvanized door will resist rust better and therefore will last longer before it corrodes.

Can I keep the old track when replacing the existing garage door?

Our experts advise clients to replace the garage door tracks when replacing the door itself. This is simply because each brand has been precisely made to work with a particular type of track. Not using the proper track could result in malfunctions, or a door that does not work as intended. Also, replacing the door track is a basic way to further ensure that the door system is safe. With the track replacement, you will be spared from untimely garage door repair and additional costs.

What type of opener is best for me?

Your choice of opener should dependent on your door. Metal doors are usually suitable for use with a variety of openers. Heavier wooden doors are usually best suited to be used with a chain driven opener. If your garage has restricted headroom, you may require a more special type of opener such as a side mounted one or a jackshaft opener.

I am replacing my garage door, should I replace the garage door opener too?

If the new garage door is compatible and is working fine with the current garage door opener, then there is no need to replace it. However, if the new garage door is heavier than the old one, the current door opener may not be able to handle the additional load. Experts at Garage Door Repair San Marcos can also provide replacement solutions for you.

My garage door will not close or open when I use the remote control. What should I do?

When the garage door refuses to close or open when you use the remote control, try moving closer to the garage door. If the range is not the issue, check the antenna of the motor unit. Make sure that it is hanging down. You should also check the remote’s batteries. If neither of these solutions work, try reprograming the remote control.


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