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Five Reasons For A New Door

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Five Reasons For A New Door

New Garage Door | Garage Door Repair San Marcos, CA

You may haven't considered it before, but a huge portion of the front of your house is represented by your garage door. It's certainly one of the first things that catches a visitor's eye, especially if it's in a shabby condition. Slapping some fresh paint on might improve your door's appearance, but oftentimes an overhaul can be required, and the reasons go beyond the aesthetics.

  1. Heating And Cooling Costs!

    Whether you spend a lot of time in your garage, or simply have living spaces above it, your air conditioning bill might be inflated by heat escaping through your garage. Upgrading to a door with a higher R-value (insulation rating) can keep those costs down, and make your home cozier as well.
  2. The Value Of Your Home!

    Should you decide it’s time to sell, your garage door can hugely influence your house's curb appeal. The right looking model can easily draw attention and raise the attraction value of your house. A dingy door is far from appealing to potential buyers, so it’d be a good investment to exchange it for a new one.
  3. Dealing With Maintenance!

    While you certainly can continue to invest your time and money in keeping your old door in working order, those things can add up over the years. The longer your door stays in use, the more its parts will wear down over time. At a certain point, the costs to fix them will likely outweigh getting a new one..
  4. Security Of Your Home And Belongings!

    The older the door, the less safe your belongings and home are. Not only from intruders, but from bad weather as well. A new door will be much harder for criminals to break though, due to them being sturdier and possessing improved safety features. They can also be better fitted to your garage, and thus better more insulating, which will help keep out rain and other elements.
  5. The Safety Of You And Your Family!

    Possibly the best reason overall to get a new garage door is to keep you, your family, and your pets safer. Modern models have improved sensors, which are the components that make the system reverse when they detect something is in its path.

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